As a dyslexic you can have a hard time reading, writting, pronouncing or a mixture, but that is all. You are good at a lot of other things! It does not mean that you are stupid or lazy.  Therefore, it is also time to change the view of dyslexia.

Imagine that many dyslexics in school sit and look at their friends’ papers filled with letters and exciting reading books, and think: “Why can’t I?”

It is a thought that probably runs through many dyslexics’ heads. It did at least for me. But it was until I found out that my beliefs and thoughts were the limitation. Not my dyslexia.

It is my goal that negative thoughts do not have to flow around in the head of any dyslexic during their time in school.


As a young kid, there is a lot of thoughts flying around in your head. It does not make it easier if the letters are flying around too. It can make your child lose the desire for learning and the belief in the future.

Fortunately, dyslexia is not the end of dreaming for your child. That must your child know. This knowledge can restore self-esteem and faith, and you can help as a parent.

Who is behind PlusLexia.com

Jesper Sehested is dyslexic. Hi  was not always motivation to go to school. The letters and words was making difficultie , and it did not help on his self-esteem. When Jesper got out of school, there were 71 mistake out of 92, in his spelling test.

Fortunately, Jesper today has overcome the challenges and got his self-esteem bak. Today he has a Master of Science in Finance and Strategic Management and studied at both Boston College, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark where Jesper lives) and China.

Jesper works today with talking about dyslexia and show that it should not stop anyone to reach their dreams. Jesper has published a children’s book for dyslexic (which is the aim to be published in English) and also lectures on life as dyslexic and the matches that come with.