Why Pluslexia.com?

Been dyslexic is a challenge, do doubt. But it is possible to look beyond dyslexia because dyslexics are much more than dyslexics.

We believe that the diversity in human skills is a plus for our lives in many aspects. Together we can create better results in school, sports, relations etc. Therefore we embrace the diversity by empowering young dyslexics to see the plus in their skills and to believe in themself.

At Pluslexia.com we collect stories from dyslexics to inspire and motive other dyslexics to find their strengths and skills that put the dyslexia in the background. Find the pluses in life.


Jesper Sehested

Dyslexic, author and public speaker

I am dyslexic and full of ideas. One of them is Pluslexia.com.

With Pluslexia.com, I hope that we can make people realize that the diversity of human skills is a plus for our lives all together. Dyslexia shall not stop dyslexics’ dreams.

I have been working full time with dyslexia since 2014 but I have more than 30 years experience as a dyslexic.

I do talks and write books for children, parents and teachers about the life as dyslexic.

Signe Nylev

Non-dyslexic, writting captain of Pluslexia.com

I have less ideas than Jesper, but I am good to make the best ideas come into reality.

I am not dyslexic but that does not make me more perfect than others. For me it is very important that we realize, that we shall not all be the same. We have different strengths which we can benefit from as individuals and together.

Therefore I am in the project of Pluslexia.com. I hope that we can inspire dyslexics to find their strengths and make dreams come true.