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Dyslexia – a hidden disability

For several years now, I have been meaning to put pen to paper, or I suppose finger to keyboard (I’ll expand on this later) to write about my experiences and life as a severe sufferer of dyslexia in the hope that it will give others an understanding of what sufferers go through every day. Why […]

What is the best thing about being dyslexic?

– “I discovered how to learn on my own – “Extra time in exam” – “Creativity, humor, special skills, concentration on something you love.” – “The way we see solutions that others may not see. We think outside of the box or we may not even see the box.” – “I see things others don’t […]

How do you motivate yourself to keep going in school?

– “I love what I do and have plans for the future. I have the best (also dyslexic) teacher I could ever want! I have good frienss in school, and they are on my side, even though only a few know about my dyslexia. I just love doing music all the time.” – “Supportive teachers,do […]

How does dyslexia affect you in everyday life and school?

Thses are answers for dyslexic themself. – “I’m studying music in college in Finland at the moment. In many situations I feel my imagination is alot better than my peers, and I think of good ways to do things people are struggling with. (Mostly having to do with music.) Thinking outside the box, like everyone […]