As a dyslexic you can have a hard time reading, writting, pronouncing or a mixture, but that is all. You are good at a lot of other things! It does not mean that you are stupid or lazy.

As a youngster, there is a lot of thoughts flying around in your head. It does not make it easier if the letters are flying around too. It can make dyslexics lose the desire for learning and the belief in the future.

Fortunately, dyslexia is not the end of dreaming. That must dyslexics know. This knowledge can restore self-esteem and faith. If you are a parent of a dyslexic, you can also help.

What can do for you

Do you want to get a better life with dyslexia or inspire your dyslexic child to a better life with dyslexia? To be able to see beyond the dyslexia, dyslexics have to see their strengths and benefit from them to make their dreams come true.

At you can find stories from dyslexics who have made the future and their dreams come true despite their dyslexia.

We hope the stories can inspire young dyslexics to make their dreams of the future come true.

If you have seen beyond your dyslexia, tell your story here.

Who is behind

My name is Jesper Sehested and I’m dyslexic. For many year my motivation to go to school was not existing. When I gratuated I got 71 mistakes out of 92 in my spelling test. 

By thinking about what I was good at and exploit my strengths, I have overcome the challenges and got my self-esteem back.

Today I have a Master degree and work full time with dyslexia. I do talks and write books for children, parents and teachers about the life as dyslexic.

Together with my team, I try to make young dyslexics’ realize that their strengths are more important than their dyslexia.

Diversity is a plus

We believe that the diversity in human skills is a plus for our lives in many aspects. Together we can create better results in school, sports, relations etc.

Therefore we embrace the diversity by empowering young dyslexics to see the plus in their skills and to believe in themself.

Jesper Sehested and team